What we do

STRING THEORY develops unique designs and produces limited edition knits from their Montreal studio. To create these textiles with exclusive designs, the designer  uses not only the finest quality fibers, such as Italian superfine merino wool, but also innovative and avant-garde technologies. She works with the most up-to-date machines that allow her to create on demand and execute her creations almost instantly. 

Knitting machine

Having decided to work piece by piece, changing the settings of her machine several times a day, her working method gives her the flexibility to execute each piece individually. The programming of these machines requires a thorough knowledge of the technical, mechanical and knitting technology skills mastered by Lysanne Latulippe after seventeen years of practice.

Inspired designs

As constructed textile designers, we work with the math and physics of fibres, knitting and weaving yarn to develop structure, pattern and texture. Consequently, we are inspired by natural and man-made patterns and structures.