Knitwear made in Montreal by Lysanne Latulippe

Our Story

What we do

STRING THEORY produces scarves made from fabrics that we design and produce in small batches using mills in Quebec and North Carolina; historical centres for textiles now leading a revival in North American production. We use top-quality yarns such as Peruvian baby alpaca and Italian merino and cashmere to knit and weave our unique pattern designs. The scarves are then hand finished in Montreal and Toronto.

The name STRING THEORY is borrowed from a theory of physics that says the world is made of vibrating strings.

Inspired designs

As constructed textile designers, we work with the math and physics of fibres, knitting and weaving yarn to develop structure, pattern and texture. Consequently, we are inspired by natural and man-made patterns and structures.We are especially drawn to patterns that describe how the world is made and how it falls apart. 

Meet the designers

STRING THEORY was launched in 2010 as a partnership between two Canadian textile designers, Lysanne Latulippe and Meghan Price. The pair met in 2000 at the Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles where they respectively specialized in knitting and weaving.

After working independently for a decade, Lysanne and Meghan decided to combine their gained expertise. STRING THEORY is the union of two old friends, their complimentary art, craft and business skills and their shared desire to bring beautiful textiles to the marketplace.